Polish brand MISBHV was founded in 2017 by designer Natalia Maczek, with its spring collection creating a buzz and making it one of the most talked about new labels that year.  Starting as a side project creating t-shirts for friends, MISBHV’s creative director Thomas Wirski said the label was never supposed to be taken seriously. This element of playfulness mixed with nostalgia is directed in a fashion forward, almost futuristic lens, helping MISBHV find its niche following before evolving into the name it is today. The Polish brand offers both womenswear and menswear that marries modern streetwear and old fashioned trends with a DIY experimental approach that lead to the label experimenting with leather, denim and swimwear. Known mostly for their athleisure sets, MISBHV breaks boundaries while staying on trend and easily wearable.

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