Although his label launched in 2015, Willy Chavarria has been a staple in the fashion industry for decades, notably working with Joe Boxer, Ralph Lauren and consulting on YEEZY Gap. In 2021, Chavarria was hired by Calvin Klein as senior vice president in hopes of resetting the vision of the label to bring forth cultural relevance and personal connection, something his eponymous label excels at. WILLY CHAVARRIA is known for oversized garments and lowrider inspired silhouettes. Dropped shoulders, ruching, wide legs and cropped cuts are a common theme amongst his clothing. While the cuts may be simple, WILLY CHAVARRIA prides itself with focusing on ‘real beauty’. This means making statements and incorporating social justice and messaging into each collection, as well as pulling models off the streets to represent real people as opposed to going through agencies. As a queer man of color, Chavarria aims to make his label inclusive and representative of the realities of life through the lens of fashion.