Based out of Los Angeles, Rhuigi Villaseńor’s label Rhude effortlessly marries the worlds of luxury fashion and streetwear. Villaseñor moved from the Philippines to Los Angeles when he was nine. Influenced by old Americana imagery such as Marlboro ads and vintage bandana prints, Rhude represents Villaseñor’s childhood imagination of the American dream. The success earned since the label’s start in 2015 personifies Villaseñor’s journey as an immigrant, and is often referenced through imagery in his work. Heavy on graphics but true to luxe standard, Rhude is a feeling before it is a brand. The label draws fans into a high end community driven by immigrant vision that showcases a lifestyle of luxury in a modern, inviting manner. With made in the U.S.A products, Rhude offers top of the line ready-to-wear collections of t-shirts, sweatpants and shoes, but also a community of opulence its wearers can belong to.

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