Founded as a Tuscan tannery in 1896, Guidi's reknown status as a luxury footwear and leather goods label started as more of a passion project than anything. While the tannery found (and continues to find) major success supplying leather to luxury labels such as Maison Margiela and Prada, Ruggero Guidi found himself fascinated by the historical process behind creating footwear. In 2003, Guidi began experimenting and creating shoes, officially launching the label in 2004. Famous for its worn in, distressed leather boots, Guidi shoes are all object-dyed, meaning each pair is dyed after full assembly. Also unlike most shoes, the heels on Guidi boots are stacked leather that is glued and nailed through. With premium craftsmanship and the finest leather, the label stakes a balance between heritage, tradition and the evolution of fashion.