Peter Do

Founded in 2018, Peter Do is an eponymous, NYC established label formed by its namesake and his group of friends. The group set out to pull on each co-founder’s strengths and undo the unapproachable, harsh image   associated with luxury fashion. Peter Do focuses on reviving the garment district in Midtown by keeping everything in house and local: from press, to production, to development. The label is founded on a homely synergy, emphasizing a balanced, well rested lifestyle that is not only portrayed through the designs, but is applied to the company structure as well; kindness and respect are emphasized. Razor sharp tailoring, pure fabrics and architecture inspired construction are core to the Peter Do aesthetic. This forward thinking brand personality challenges the traditional structure of the industry and earned Peter Do the 2014 LVMH graduate prize. The label continues to push boundaries and produce ethical, luxury garments that shower a youthful approach to classic silhouetting while reshaping the industry itself.