Raf Simons

Raf Simons launched his eponymous label in 1995 after studying fashion at Antwerp’s Royal Academy. With a background in furniture design, Raf Simons combines structural integrity and artistic functionality with unique fabrics and silhouetting. Influenced by 90’s subculture, Simons’ collections take inspiration from the underground youth, translating to a minimal aesthetic with nostalgia driven futurism. Raf Simons introduces a fusion of menswear and young rebellion that pushes the boundaries of modern masculinity, creating an atmosphere of strong individuality and evolutionary style. Simons’ collections typically include pop art references and playful text in an eclectic, minimal manner that exudes bold confidence. As the label evolves, key elements signature to the brand stay the same: current proportions and the interpolation of new shapes and futuristic construction that translates into cutting edge menswear.