Born out of LA’s creative energy, ERL is a project by designer Eli Russell Linnetz. Prior to launching ERL, Linnetz was primarily known for his photography—having shot the likes of the Kardashians and Lady Gaga. However, it was at the University of Southern California that Linnetz learned how to sew; although the designer-cum-photographer had studied screenwriting, he paid his tuition by making costumes for the opera department. With the creation of ERL, Linnetz, who grew up on Venice Beach, envisioned a unisex label that reflected the heart and soul of LA’s youth. Like his photography, ERL exudes an air of nostalgia, with inspiration stemming from ‘90s Pixar films, Venice Beach skaters, and the Santa Monica swim team. The menswear collection features T-shirts, hoodies, button-ups, shorts, and accessories in an array of vibrant colors and interesting textiles. Each piece is defined by its straightforward and laid-back approach to design. Pulsating with sentimental energy, ERL promises a return to more innocent and simpler times.