IISE, translating to second generation, is a Seoul based brand known for creating clothing that focuses on a modern interpretation of Korean heritage and culture. Founded by brothers Terence and Kevin Kim, the label takes inspiration from Korean architecture and traditional garments while updating the composition and style to be more futuristic. A lot of this is done by marrying older garment styles with the newest technology driven fabrics, such as GORE-TEX. IISE takes pride in reworking Korean elements with meticulous detail and attention social issues, which they address through their collections. The founders feel as if South Korea is known for mainly a few things: K-Pop, beauty products and food. By using IISE to engage with current events and take a stand for their beliefs, the Kim brothers hope IISE can show a global audience that South Korea is a multidimensional country that can be learned from and engaged with, not just for entertainment.

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