SVRN Supper Club: Blobb

SVRN Supper Club: Blobb

SVRN Supper Club is a seasonal invite only dining experience that celebrates the intersection between fashion, culture and cuisine. For our second installation of Supper Club, we partnered with Blobb.

This installation focuses on getting adults to play again— with their food, with art and with design. We took inspiration from Elias’ use of her architectural background to produce jewelry that is purely experimental and imaginative. Each guest invited to the event received a SVRN x Blobb collaborative ring and had the option to purchase a collaborative button up with Elias' artwork.

A special menu and layout was curated with Tables Tables Tables and the acclaimed chef Daniel Marbán. The three course meal consisted of starters, main courses and desert.

Sofia Elias' Pofi chair art pieces from the gallery of Pamela Weissenberg and other work were on display. Throughout the space there were opportunities to connect with one's inner child by drawing on surfaces we typically avoid, such as the table cloth, a paper carpet and a sofa. With specialty tequila from Casa Dragones and Yola Mezcal, the night was upbeat and lively and full of craft palomas and margaritas.

Our goal with Supper Club is always to cultivate a creative environment where we bring together different people to celebrate art, fashion, design and cuisine. With our dinners we aim to introduce people to those who may be outside of their circle and forge new connections based on a shared love for the arts. Partnering with Blobb and Tables Tables Tables, we were able to do this in an organic and personal way.

We look forward to sharing our next installation of SVRN Supper Club with you soon.



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