Gramicci was founded in 1982 by acclaimed climber Mike Graham. With a focus on crafting garments designed to function in the outdoors, Gramicci paved the way for the functional brands of the future. Famously known for its patented gusset crotch, built-in nylon belt, underarm hinge and more, the label elevated performance gear while making it visually appealing and fashion forward. Gramicci has spearheaded innovation in the outdoor industry for over 30 years and has transcended its original target audience, also finding a home in the closets of skaters and surfers, contributing greatly to counterculture and streetwear. Featuring garments such as ripstop cargo pants, pullovers, long shorts and more, Gramicci offers cutting edge performance gear without sacrificing style. Embracing an array of cultures, Gramicci offers inventive athletic gear that moves with its audience.

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