Launched in 2014 by David Obadia, co-founder of French streetwear label BWGH, Harmony serves as a conduit for developing minimal clothing for everyday elegance. Under Obadia’s direction, the label’s collections tend towards deconstructions of wardrobe staples, rendered in monochromes with classically arrayed colorblocking and striping. Rigorous cuts shed erroneous detail, achieving an effortless yet undeniably refined aura that reflects the influence of everyday Parisian grace on Obadia’s craft. Knitwear, casual shirts, sweaters, and accessories take on timeless qualities, working with hues drawn from Barnett Newman paintings and the timeless, uncanny aura of American casual and sportswear. For the designer, celebrating the intrinsic beauty of simplicity leaves space for spontaneity in action, sincerity of intent, and improvisation.Such a minimalist ethos is apparent also in the house’s production ecosystem, which sources premium fabrics from the best producers in Europe. This focus holds to accountability through traceability, collaborative communication, and shared aspirations and values.

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