Founded by designer Sofia Prantera and graphic designer Fergus Purcell, Aries Arise is a luxury streetwear label focused on womenswear. Prantera was always in the underground scene growing up and found inspiration through raves, skating and music. After graduating from Central Saint Martins, she founded cult streetwear labels Holmes and Silas. With Aries, Prantera draws ideas from her interests, creating a 90’s style, fashion forward energy and translating it into fashion forward articles. Aries focuses on casual but cool womenswear with a menswear orientation, paying homage to classic streetwear but elevating it. Her collections are meant to be subversive and bold, while having a feminine touch of sensuality. Aries Arise enters the streetwear market with bold graphics, bright colors and aesthetics clashing, offering women something finally for themselves without having to sacrifice quality or style.

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