Rick Owens

Southern Californian Rick Owens has earned both a cult like following and mainstream appreciation through his eponymous label, known for its rock-couture aesthetic and avant-garde silhouettes. Before fame, Owens dropped out of art school and took a garment cutting course. In 1994 he started his mainline label which gained a following in the grunge community, propelling him to expand and move production to Italy. Owens achieved icon status within the industry when French Vogue dressed Kate Moss in one of his signature leather jackets. With help from his partner Michelle Lamy, he conceives collections that merge archetypal gothic influences with post-apocalyptic structure and design. Marked by a subversive yet instantly recognizable design language, Rick Owens conjures the perfect balance between asymmetry and tasteful exaggeration with his tunics, trousers and signature sneakers such as the Geobaskets and Ramones.